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May 2014
  • Confidence - What is it?


    by Bonita Rayner-Jones on Fri 02 May 2014 19:55:56 GMT


    Many clients come to Hypnotherapy Associates seeking hypnotherapy help for what they believe is their lack of confidence. Whether it’s lack of confidence in the area of professional ability, social skills, dating and relationships, or simply being able to ask for what they want, they seem to believe that it is confidence that is holding them back.  

    Many of our clients have thought they needed to wait until they had confidence before being able to give a presentation, get socially active, ask someone out on a date, or ask their boss for a pay rise, but what they haven't realised is confidence is actually just a 'state of mind'.

    Through hypnotherapy, confidence will come naturally as, due to the nature of a the human mind and the natural intelligence within us all, confidence can become an ordinary 'state of mind'.  This does not mean all of a sudden you become devoid of human thoughts, feelings and emotions but exacerbated, fearful or anxious thoughts and feelings are greatly reduced so you feel at ease connecting with others in a social environment or speaking in public.

    Confidence can also come through emersion, through doing the same thing again and again and learning in the process. In the business arena for example, most people who excel will tell you that they failed many times in getting to where they are. The thing is, they didn’t let their fear of failure stop them as they always focused on a vision which was inspiring, motivating, together with a belief that they could not fail despite challenges through the journey.

    How would it change your perspective if fear of failure no longer stopped you taking action? The hypnotherapists at Hypnotherapy Associates have helped many clients to become the successful people they want to be in their lives in all areas, personal and profesisonal by allowing them to move beyond this fear.  Hypnotherapy creates a state of mind where clarity, focus and perspective are present states and fear starts to become a thing of the past, something the client used to feel but is no longer present.

    Just a few hypnotherapy sessions at our Harley Street clinic can create real lasting change.  Hypnotherapy for confidence at our London Clinic is one of our most popular treatments 

    3 things you can do to make a start.

    1. Check where you are outsourcing your self-esteem. Are you dependent upon the positive feedback and opinions of others for your self-esteem? If so, step outside of yourself and list all the things you have achieved over the day, week and year.  These can be big or small.  Start to become your own chamption, your own mentor!
    1. Check when you say 'Yes', when really you want to say 'No'. What can you do to start becoming more comfortable with saying an honest 'No'?  Saying 'Yes' can cause us frustration by pleasing everybody but not giving ourselves realistically enough time to do things reasonably well during the time we have available.  This is often termed as 'boundaries', boundaries to where we begin and others start.  Becoming aware of our own 'self care' and what we are realistically capable of doing without being overworked / overstretched.
    1. Check when you modify yourself according to who you are with. What would happen if you would be yourself?  We often put on an 'act' to look more professional, clever etc.  This can create anxiety as we are not being natural.  Try being yourself and notice the better connections and rapport that begin to happen.

    True natural confidence is actually a quality that is innate within each and everyone of us. If you are ready to be free of self-limiting patterns and beliefs and are ready to have more confidence through hypnotherapy in London in your life, then please feel free to contact Hypnotherapy associates.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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